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Builder Consulting Internet and Website training services prepare your organization for the new 'dotcom' economy. Successful implementation and use of the Internet is key to the success of companies today.
Professional, Certified Internet & Website trainers will provide the best available advice, consultation and training specifically designed around your business needs.

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Website Design, Redesign and Development

Do you need to acquire a Website presence to keep pace with your competitors or reach new customers?

If you already have an existing Website, do you simply want to integrate a fresher, more professional look and feel or greater functionality?

Do you want your Website to employ the latest timesaving, cost-effective tools to help enhance your company’s revenue?

Once Builder Consulting evaluates your primary needs, we will meet with you and your team members to determine the following for your website and marketing:

  • Brand Positioning and Consistency Distinctive Homes Las Vegas
  • Competitive Landscape - Competitors website designs and success
  • Target Audience - We Design Websites based on your needs and customers
  • Overall Objectives - What are your goals and future plans
  • Website Requirements - Online Updating, Marketing, Database, etc.
  • Initial Website Design or Website Redesign Ideas
  • Internal Business Process needed to support your website
  • Future Initiatives
  • Search Engine Registration, Internet Marketing or Internet Positioning

Builder Consulting believes a company’s Website needs to be developed in conjunction with its core business and marketing goals: Our process, therefore, ensures your complete involvement, from early site and application development to final deployment. Involving you in our Web-based strategies guarantees end-results that effectively meet your business needs.

Builder Consulting will build you a professional website using our expert website design and development team with a decade of experience. We understand both the website design process and the requirements of the Internet or Search Engines. Our expert Internet Marketing team will promote your completed website to the world. We know what works and what fails on the Internet, having a website does not mean anyone will find it unless it is properly produced and marketed.

Our Real Estate Websites, Realtor Websites, Builder Websites and Community Websites feature our exclusive MLS interfaces and backend Online Updating Systems for instant updates 24 hours a day 7 days a week when you need them.

Our professional corporate websites have won numerous local and national awards for quality, innovation and website design standards.

Contact Us Today to see how we may assist with a professional website or consultation.

    Website Hosting »

Builder Consulting Website Hosting is the answer to your needs! Our goal is to help your organization reach the customers who want and need your products or services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer professional Website Design, Website Promotion, and Hosting services... all at an affordable price.

Builder Consulting has invested over three hundred thousand dollars to provide the latest technology and multiple servers to support your business on the Internet. We provide processional website and data hosting with:

  • WebTrends Enterprise Edition traffic monthly reporting
  • Optional Search Engine Registration/Listing for your site hosted with Builder Consulting
  • Windows 2003 Advanced multi-processor web servers
  • OC3 Access lines on the Backbone of the Internet for the fastest Data Access
  • Domain e-mail accounts (
  • Internet Access for e-mail from any web browser
  • Unlimited Auto Responders
  • E-mail Forwarding & Aliases
  • Domain Name Registration Services
  • Website Management Included
  • Free Domain Name Parking
  • SQL Database Servers
  • Free technical support
  • Off-site backup of your data
  • Battery Back-up's on all servers to instantly protect from power failures
  • Onsite Generators to guarantee no failures due to power outages

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) »

Builder Consulting Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing services are the most important services for your business on the Internet. Now that you have a website how does anyone find it? First, your website MUST be properly and professionally designed by a company who understands the Internet and your specific needs. Once you have a properly designed website the next step is to market it on the Internet so that potential customers can find it.Search Engine Optimization

Builder Consulting will provide expert website consultation services for your new or existing website and prepare a plan to meet your goals.

Let us introduce you to the easiest way to advertise your website. If you have a website you have it for a reason. That reason is usually to sell a product, offer a service, or pass on information. You will not be successful in any of the above if you do not get visitors to your site.

There are plenty of places to advertise your site and as you are probably well aware the most popular free place to advertise your website is on a search engine. Builder Consulting offers its customers a full service way to do this. We take the hassle out of this rather time consuming process and offer you the peace of mind that your website is being submitted to thousands of search engines every month. We optimize your website and submit to the top sites on the Internet using our exclusive knowledge of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Registration requirements:

  • America Online (AOL)
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Network (MSN)
  • Google
  • Excite Network
  • Lycos
  • Infoseek/
  • NBC Interactive (NBCi)
  • Northern Light
  • Netscape
  • AltaVista
  • WebCrawler
  • Dogpile
  • Thousands More!

Our Nationally Recognized Internet Marketing and Website Design Experts
have the unique skills and knowledge to put you ON the Internet.

Premium Virtual Tours

Builder Virtual Tours

All Builder Virtual Tours include...

Click here to see an single family example of Builder Virtual Tours!

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Interactive Lot Maps & Homesite Maps

Your Web site should be a virtual salesperson, helping to qualify and educate your buyers so they are truly return buyers by the time they get to your sales office. Our Interactive Plot Mapping system is an interactive plot map that shows all of the important information for each lot, such as active/sold, size, MLS listing information updated daily and even which models or plans can be built there. There is an easy-to-use form that lets you control all of this information, in real-time, so the site map is always current.

Interactive Location Maps

Using brand new technology, we provide your website with a fully interactive aerial map of your community or property using Google or Yahoo Maps. These maps can provide driving directions for your visitors and can be moved around and zoomed, allowing anyone in the world to find you easily.